i have always enjoyed taking pictures. MY Photography  has evolved from  point and shoot on auto, to a form of artistic expression that challenges me to try new things and to see my surroundings in limitlessly creative ways.  
continuous growth in the technical fundamentals of photography allows me to grow artistically whether in camera or in processing.  most importantly, photography has become a meditative experience that brings me Peace and JOY whether I have traveled to a far away place or am photographing supermarket flowers on my back deck. 
  I am 100% present in that place and moment.  I AM THINKING ABOUT NOTHING OTHER THAN THE STORY THAT I WANT the IMAGE to tell or the emotion that i want it to evoke or the possibility of creating something that is simply cool or pretty...if only in my eyes.   
 that is a very special time in the evolution of a capture for me...when I am in that PLACE AND moment.  IT IS THAT moment before I manipulate the camera settings and BEFORE i press the shutter...that moment when I am in my own head seeing what i want you to see and envisioning what might be.  it is a beautifully quiet moment when the stresses of life do not exist.  
   - LISA 
Headshot Photographer: Shala GrahaM

photo credit: tiffany briley

Photo credit: león Gray
Photo Credit: Wayne Smith
Photo Credit: Tiffany Briley

Photo Credit:  allan tasman
Photo Credit: Wayne Smith
Photo Credit: Tiffany Briley

photo credit: wayne smith
Photo Credit: allan tasman
Photo Credit: Dave kosiur